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Microbyte Celebrate Closing 100k Cases!

Microbyte is proud to be celebrating closing one hundred thousand cases in nine years using their custom-built MicroLog. The 100,000th case closed was with Kloeber, a company they’ve grown alongside over the last eight years. As Dale Whymark, Business Systems Manager at Kloeber explains, “Microbyte came on board towards the end of 2011. They weren’t…

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Microbyte Support Kloeber’s Growth – Case Study

Kloeber UK Ltd is a bespoke glazing solutions company offering high-quality doors, windows and advanced glazing products. Since the company was founded, in 2006, they have experienced significant growth. In 2012 they launched their West London Showroom in Sunbury-on-Thames and in 2015 they opened a showroom in Buckinghamshire moving their Head Office to Huntingdon in…

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Microbyte’s Most Compliant Client

We are constantly looking through our client base, trying to identify gaps in our IT standards, whilst looking for areas to improve and to bring our customers as close as we can to our “ideal”. Our Maturity Matrix is an ever-evolving set of standards which we measure all our Managed IT Services clients by, and we use…

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Evolving IT Standards

Business is moving faster than ever. It’s easy to think that technology which may have been installed just a few years ago should be perfectly capable of powering and protecting your business. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. It is therefore vitally important that we remain aware of all available technologies, in order to provide end users…

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The complexity of a 24/7 operation

As most of you will know, it was three years ago that we decided to evolve into a 24/7 service provider, and take the leap into running multiple sites in the UK and abroad. It has been a very interesting journey, and one which I am certain many MSPs (Managed IT Service Providers) dare not venture into….

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