Belvoir: Get on the Cloud for just £40 a month

Belvoir Cloud by Microbyte

Microbyte have launched Belvoir Cloud – services specifically for Belvoir that you can get from just £40 per user per month.

Cloud services can allow you to access all your important files and systems securely and remotely, while reducing the headache of local infrastructure. Our customers have told us it’s been the best thing they ever did. You get automatic software updates, disaster recovery and you can avoid downtime caused by network issues.

On Belvoir Cloud, Microbyte will provide you with remote desktops to use anywhere and everywhere with the full suite of applications you need, and no dependency on a specific device. You just log in remotely and use your Windows desktop as usual.

We’re already providing services to a number of other Belvoir offices such as Sheffield, Peterborough, Basingstoke, Long Eaton and Derby West to mention but a few, and the list is growing fast, with franchise offices seeing the benefits very quickly.

Join the Cloud

To get on Belvoir Cloud, just give us a call for a quick consultation and we’ll take care of the rest. There’s minimal hassle and service interruption, so your branch can be set up in no time and get all the benefits of a secure, remote and reliable service.

We’re also offering super affordable VoIP services

For just £15 per user/month plus the small cost of a handset, you can have unlimited landline and mobile calls and a host of other features including voicemail to email and auto attendant. This is the perfect solution if you want to cheaply expand your phone system and avoid unpredictable and unreliable services.

IT is changing to affordable, managed services, so speak to a Microbyte representative today and see what the best options are for your team.

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